Our history

The creation of Voxcan results from the observation made in 2007 by the founding partners regarding the difficulties and constraints linked to carrying out preclinical studies:

  • Lack of measurement precision in obtaining biological parameters.
  • Time consuming processes especially for generating relevant biological data.
  • Use of a large animal models number to gain in robustness (ethical issues and difficulty to respect the “3R” rule).
  • Some preclinical studies are complicated to be realized and require access to the high readout technologies.
  • Involving avoidable financial losses.

The solution proposed by the founding partners, initially, on the campus of the Lyon Veterinary School, consists in accelerating the processes of preclinical studies by using the latest cutting-edge technologies such as: Medical Imaging ensuring atraumatic monitoring in the time of the animal models while reducing their cohort (ethical gain), analyzes of flow cytometry, measurements of biomarkers, or accurate qPCR.


Subsequently, in 2016, to meet the continuous increasing demand for preclinical services, Voxcan developed its own means of producing preclinical studies on a new site while keeping exactly the same philosophy.

Our values

Voxcan is based on three predominant values which complement each other to provide you with the best expected R&D services: scientific excellence, high standards of quality and a deep ethical commitment.

Scientific Excellence

it is guaranteed by the recruitment of trained and qualified experts in their field at the highest level (PhD) and maintained by participation in numerous co-funded collaborative research projects enabling the validation of next generation services.

High Quality Requirement

It is essential for conducting efficient and reproducible research based on the standard of Good Laboratory Practices as decreed by the OECD in early 2000s.

Ethical Commitment

It is ensured by compliance with the rules of “3R” and applicable legislation (Internal Ethics Committee – Animal Welfare Structure).