Infectious Diseases

Thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities, we perform bacterial and viral infection models from BSL-2 to BSL-3 levels, including SARS-CoV-2, Influenza H1N1, multidrug resistant bacteria from the KAPE group, S. aureus.


We have experience in a wide range of infection routes: sepsis, lung, wound and implant-associated infections (osteoarticular implant, subcutaneous mesh, central venous catheter), in a variety of species: mouse, rat, hamster, chick, ferret and cotton rat. 


For testing your vaccine and antiviral/antibacterial therapies, our team has expertise in a wide range of treatment routes from i.v., i.p., s.c., i.m. i.n., and i.t. to endotracheal aerosolization.



We are expert in microbiological readouts (PFU, CFU count, RT-qPCR), inflammatory readouts (flow cytometry, luminex, RT-qPCR) and non-invasive in vivo imaging (bioluminescence) to follow bacterial/viral load longitudinally, reducing the number of animals used as well as saving time and costs.


We are proud of our commitment to provide the most relevant models to fight against emerging pathogens:

  • Since 2020, we have characterized two SARS-CoV-2 models (including different variants) using K18-hACE2 mice and Syrian golden hamsters, with a total of 16 studies completed for 9 Pharma and Biotech companies so far.
  • We have also developed our own R&D program to create novel models of multidrug resistant bacteria from the high-priority KAPE group, using strains isolated from recent clinical isolates (IMPACT-2 AMR project, sponsored by Eurostars, in collaboration with BioVersys and BioSystems Technology).

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