Voxcan is specialized in preclinical efficacy studies in various infectious diseases.


We have established successful and robust animal models (mouse, rat, hamster chick or ferret) of bacterial or viral infection (Sepsis, Wound infection, Pulmonary infection, OAI model, CVC model, Influenza models, Rotavirus or Yellow Fever models…).


We have access to a large choice (more than 50 strains) of bioluminescent or non bioluminescent bacteria strains (P.aeruginosa, S.aureus-MRSA, K.pneumoniae, A. Baumannii, E. Coli, …) coming from the most recent and resistant clinical isolates.


We develop our models through different routes (SC, IV, IF, IN or IT) and evaluate your therapeutic vaccines, antibacterial/viral molecules and also their toxic side-effects.

Voxcan boasts highly qualified expertise to produce and quantify bacteria in blood or tissue samples, to follow the pathogen load of your models in an ethical way with bioluminescence imaging.

Our facilities allow to handle your infectious efficacy study using bacteria or viruses requiring Biosecurity levels 2 and 3 of confinement.  

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