In-Vitro technical platform for single cell analysis & biomarker quantifications

Voxcan is proud to offer multiple alternative methods for the evaluation of your therapies. Our in-vitro services include Flow Cytometry Analysis (FACS), Biomarker Quantification, CFU Counting, RT-qPCR, and Cell & Bacteria Culture, so you can rest assured that our tests will generate a high-quality information on the efficacy toxicity and safety of your drug candidates.

If you have a specific test methodology that may not be in our current scope, please contact us to discuss availability and/or a validation plan to meet all of your testing needs.

Flow cytometry FACS


Voxcan currently houses one analyzer. The analyzers include 12 parameters and 10 colors available: 4 on blue laser / 3 on red laser / 3 on violet laser, in addition to the BD FACSuite software (support for 21 CFR Part 11 workflow).

Along with the ability to perform high speed sorting on up to four distinct populations or sort single cells into tissue culture plates and onto slides, we are also equipped with a Class I biosafety hood which allows sorting of BSL2 level infectious samples.


Biomarker quantification


Voxcan’s Molecular Biology Facility provides expert biomarker quantification and analysis of proteins/ Cytokines, allowing to characterize the effect of your compounds. With an access to MAGPIX® System, we generate precious information on Toxicity evaluation of compounds, validate specific protein expression and protein dosage.


CFU counting


Our microbiology lab allows to amplify bacteria cultures in their medium in order to make a banking, a calibration (CFU/DO curve) or just an amplification permiting to create specific animal models.

We also have the means to perform CFU counting of planktonic or biofilm bacteria with a high-throughput reading machine called Scan-500.

We also have the means to amplify viruses on adapted cell cultures up to pathogen class 3.




Voxcan has a genomic platform analysis allowing the extraction of DNA and RNA form various type of samples (bacteria, cells, organs…) using a fully automated nucleic acid extraction (QiaCube) allowing a reduction of manual processing steps and a generation of standardized results.

Voxcan has a qualitative and quantitative detection system of acid nucleic by RT-qPCR (LC480) allowing for example the quantification of gene expression after specific treatment in a tumor sample or the viral load in dedicated animal models.


Cell and Bacteria Culture


Cell and Bacteria Culture services supporting preclinical studies

Voxcan has a dedicated cellular platform analysis allowing cells expansion for animal models and also for cells specific analysis. For example, in vitro models cell-based assays for pre-clinical drug development including live/dead analysis for in vitro drug screening or mechanistic analysis of drug action with dedicated tests using absorbance/fluorescence plate reader.