MabDesign Partnering Day 2022

Come and meet us!

Date: May 24, 2022

Venue: Lyon, France


Over the last year, Voxcan has been working hard to provide its customers with significant scientific advances, not only in COVID-19 research but also in immunotherapies in tumor models.


As a member of Mabdesign, Voxcan invite you to come and meet us during this event.


This match-making event will bring together MabDesign Members and stakeholders working in the Biotherapy field.

With inspiring plenary lectures, targeted 1:1 meetings and a networking cocktail, it promises knowledge gain and new business contacts.

This is a unique opportunity to get to know other members of the MabDesign Network, share knowledge and generate new business contacts and collaborations.

To learn more, book a one-to-one meeting with us through the event partnering system: