Increase measurement accuracy

Voxcan uses high technological approaches to generate optimal quantification of your defined parameters without any risk of obtaining inflected results due to intra-strain variability, tissue modification or operator errors. Our generated data gives you a better understanding of the concerned pathology, treatment and also provides you with an extension of the investigation field.

Save animals

Longitudinal follow-up of your animal models, is possible thanks to non-inasive medical imaging techniques which allow to reduce by around 80% the number of animals used normally with conventional techniques (ex-vivo sampling, histology, etc…). Choosing medical imaging approaches commits you to respect the ethical preoccupations and improve your company’s image.

Save time

Depending on the chosen protocol, the needed time to complete your study can be divided by 5, thanks to imaging (compared with other standard analyses).Saving time with medical imaging will permit you to foresee your future stages and to reduce the time-to-market of your product.

Save money

Benefits in terms of animal number used to obtain answers about your product efficacy, of time needed for your studies and for your product development are inevitably transformed into financial savings to approach the following stages.

Translational research

Imaging services that Voxcan provides to you in order to assess your molecules in animal models are directly transposable to humans and then give the possibility to compare results obtained with the same protocols… It is called: translational research.